Happy 100th

So my Habs are now officially 100 years old. Of course, this is only the 99th season (thank you lockout) in which they have played games.


Now that the whole anniversary has been reached, it’s time for all the distractions to disappear and for the past to be just that.

I’m not saying the Habs should ignore their glorious past. They should not. They should continue to respect and celebrate the past.

No, I’m speaking to the fans (present author included), who need to stop looking to the past and wanting things to continue as they once did. (And trust me, I want Stanley Cups and I want them now. But times have changed, and Cups don’t come as easily.)

I think that if the fans don’t expect current incarnations of the team to be as dominant as those dynasties of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, there might actually be more success on the ice. Or at least the success the team has had since the 1970s would been seen in light of the success most teams have had in recent years.

And now I’m realizing I’m rambling incoherently. So this is the end.