facebook and grammar collide

Ok, I have been over this before. But it still bothers me.

What is wrong with this sentence?

«Deirdre found a sad Ugly Duckling on their farm. Oh no!»

I shall tell you. The word ‘their’ only refers to a plural subject. The name ‘Deirdre’ refers to a female. I should know, she’s family.

Another example:

«Monika got a big ol’ reward for being such a great farmer and wants to share their success with you!»

Once again, ‘their’ shows up referring to a female, when only ‘her’ is acceptable in this circumstance.

And it appears I cannot find any more examples. But I think these speak for themselves.

Yes, I acknowledge English does not have a gender neutral singular pronoun. And because of this the gender neutral plural pronoun ‘they’ has been adopted. But it is unacceptable. There is no reason not to use ‘his’ or ‘her’ when the gender of the subject (or object) is unable to be known (as is the case in the two examples above).

In future, I will go off on other examples of bad grammar in the world. But not now.