this is total BS

Ok, so a week ago our glorious town employees here in Meadow Lake decided to rip up a road and rupture a water main. I may have talked about this before. But now I’m even more annoyed.

It turns out the anticipated week-long boil water advisory is not going to be lifted until Saturday, October 3 at the earliest. Apparently that is the earliest the Town will get back the results of the tests done on the water to make sure it’s safe.

Now, this is where my life experience in a city comes out as a full and unadulterated bias. If this podunk little town has any visions of becoming a city, it needs to have its own water testing lab. None of this BS where water has to be sent out of town to be tested, delaying the lifting of any water advisories. This is not the first boil water advisory this place has had since I got here. The last one was contained to a small area of town. This one encompassed the entire town. To me, it’s unacceptable that an entire town should fall under such an advisory.

I am extremely pissed off here. I have no more clean dishes, or utensils. I am eating off paper plates. I feel like I live in a Third World locale right now, minus the fact I have heating, shelter, access to clean water (*shudder* bottled water *shudder*) and many other amenities.

I guess it’s quite obvious I am a spoilt brat. And I admit it.