Ok, I have to say something on this topic.

But first, please read this article from the Toronto Star. And this one from the Globe and Mail. There are likely other stories about this topic.

Ok, my turn.

First of all, you might think I would be all for kilts being hiked up high. And maybe you’re right. But in this case, I have no sympathy for the girls who want to keep wearing their kilts.

And here’s why.

I’m a boy. Or I was in high school. I had no choice. I had to wear pants. In hot summer weather and in freezing cold winter. Shorts were not an option. And there were days when walking to and from school, a half hour each way, was not a fun experience because of the heat.

So you can see where when I read these girls complaining about how pants are too hot, I don’t have any sympathy. If I have (well, had) to wear pants in +25C or higher weather, and suffer through it, I’m not going to feel sorry for girls who might have to endure what I had to go through.

That is all.