some more ramblings

I promised you all a real posting over the weekend, and since it is now the weekend, I shan’t disappoint.

First of all, I would like to thank the three people who have commented on some of my writings, as well as the one person who sent me a FB message about one of my postings. It’s good to know people actually read this thing. Despite the fact the stats WP provides for me, I like to see comments, which actually prove that it is people who read this and not those robo-porn spam bots. Or that person who keeps trying to provoke me with idiotic comments making fun of me or saying that I’m at risk of being fired. I may not know who he/she is, but I have a strong suspicion.

Moving on. Do you know what else I miss about Scarborough? Or, more accurately, the Great Lakes Lowlands? The weather. Although I do not miss the humidity so much, I do miss the thunderstorms being right on a massive body of water produces. ML had a Great Lakes-style thunderstorm here Friday night/Saturday morning. It was amazing. Lightning, thunder, torrential downpour. The works, as I am accustomed to seeing. It’s a shame it only lasted about 30 minutes. However, it did knock my power out from about 4.45am until I awoke at 7.30. It’s a good thing I was asleep during the power outage (after I went back to sleep after it started) or else I would not have been happy with no power. But the thunderstorm was nice.

So school here starts on Aug. 25 this year. It’s so early. I was talking to a teacher who thinks it’s early, too. She’s from Ontario, so like me she’s accustomed to school starting the day after Labour Day, which would make it the Sept. 7 this year. I’ve never heard of school starting in August. Yes, there have been years when school has started on Sept. 2, because Labour Day was Sept. 1. A prime example of this turns out to have been the 2008-2009 school year. Although in that case I was in university, which is weird as it is. But never something like this have I experienced.

Speaking of university, apparently WLU (OK, fine, I’ll spell it out), Wilfrid Laurier University, starts its school year on Sept. 14. Or so I’m told. That’s where the brother is going, which is how I know these things. And with him heading off to university, it makes my parents for all intents and purposes empty-nesters. It’s kind of weird, actually, to know they’re in that position. I mean, I know it has to happen, but it’s still strange to think that the family is growing up. I’m in Saskatchewan, the brother’s in Waterloo. It’s now just two old fogies sitting at home. Ok, they’re not old fogies, but it (fogie) is a funny word.

Speaking of school, it’s weird that it’s starting and I’m not packing up or getting stuff organized for another year of learning. So far, frankly, working here in ML has felt somewhat like a summer job. I got here in May and have been working in June, July and now August. Just like the summer jobs I’ve held before this. But now, when I start working into September, it’s really going to kick in that this is it. That this is the future. And that I have to make the best of the situation in which I find myself.

And that means making friends. Generally, in the past, I would not go out of my way to make friends during the summer. I would be on good terms with the people with whom I worked (esp. in the pools) but very rarely did we communicate outside of work. And I have continued that pattern here. It’s been summer and I haven’t made many (read: any) friends. I barely tolerate some of the people at work. But I work with them, I’m under no obligation to be friends with them. But now things have to change. I must work on making friends. This is where giving me the school beat should be good. There are a number of young teachers here, and friends with them I should make. Since they are young and closer to my age, it would be good to make friends with them, as they likely will like the things I like. As well, since I plan to try curling, and likely *shudder* join the gym, I will be getting out more. And that would be a good thing.

I don’t have much more to say. I want to have more media commentary to do, but there have not been too many things in the news that I have too many opinions on. Except perhaps some critical words of my competition up here. Maybe that will warrant a commentary in the near future. It’s nothing bad, just some comments about the quality of the competition’s product.

One last thing: email me your mailing addresses if I don’t have them already and I’ll send you a letter. And then you can send me a letter. I like mail.