just some ramblings

I promise this weekend I will write something with considerably more substance. For now, you get this.

Because she’s getting back into the blogging again, I am reminded of this thing someone else said. But first, some background. This goes way back to June, when J-Prom was about to happen. I went to visit some friends and was talking about who I wanted to ask to J-Prom. The first guess went like this: “Does it start with ‘M’ and end in ‘arlee?'” I still think that was a strange first guess. Oh well. It’s still kind of funny. Especially when the second guess was: “Does it start with ‘M’ and end in ‘egan?'” The question-asker was part right, her name did begin with ‘M.’

So the gist of the above is Marlee is blogging again, and sometimes I refer to her WP as ‘M. Arlee’s blog.’ That is all.

In other random news, and I think I say this to bug some people, I have another hot teacher. And this time she teaches older kids. Hopefully this is more acceptable for Susanna. It probably won’t be; there’s no pleasing Susanna. Although, I think she’s pretty satisfied she got me on Facebook.

Um, so that’s it. I hope you all enjoyed reading this non-update. I promise something substantial will be in the offing soon.