please, people, learn to read

This is going to be the most difficult post I’ve written so far. Not because it’s emotional or all that, but because it deals with pronunciation.

So, I think everyone here where I live and work is stupid. Or at least the people who have ‘corrected’ my pronunciation of the following: Lac des Îles.

Let’s first examine the entire premise here. This is the name of a lake in the local provincial park. It means, in a direct translation, Lake of Islands. I get that. I have no issue with what it means.

What I do take issue with is how ‘îles’ is pronounced. It’s a French word. It is to be pronounced ‘eel,’ but with a longer ‘e’ and a short ‘l.’ But no, most people around here, even the ones with French last names, are pronouncing it ‘isles,’ as if it were English.

It’s not! It’s f***ing French. Anyone, and I repeat, ANYONE with any knowledge of French, or common sense to see the lack of an ‘s’ in the lake’s name (ignoring the ‘des’) would be able to pronounce the name of this lake properly.

And then there’s the fact the lake’s name starts with two French words: ‘lac’ and ‘des.’


Now we see why this is a hard post to write. I can’t do phonetics properly in such a way that everyone will understand them.

Now, I must acknowledge I have never seen the lake’s name spelt with the accent. And now looking in some places, I see discrepancies with how it is spelt, ‘îles’ or ‘isles.’ But I digress.