Media Commentary – August 2, 2009

Seeing as I am a journalist, I feel compelled to comment on what is news and what is not news. This is a fairly delayed response on my part, but I am bored at this moment so I thought there was no harm in making this comment.

In most cases, celebrities are not news. Yes, I will admit celebrities are newsworthy when they were big stars in their medium and then they die. I get that. However, this celebrity pseudoculture many young people (typically teen girls) get sucked into is not news. When celebrity X dumps celebrity Y, it is not cause for mass hysteria on the part of the mass media. I’m sorry if this offends people, but celebrities are only news when they die. And then we move on. Yes, it was news when Michael Jackson died. And that should have been in the news. But there is nothing we as a society gain from hearing about every nuance of his life after he has died. Move on people.

Actually, that’s about it. I was thinking other things weren’t news, but they are. It just depends on the situation in which you find yourself.