The weather here is weird

It seems to be raining again. Or not. It all depends on when I look out the window. Sometimes it’s raining and sometimes it’s not. It changes every few hours. Often every few minutes. I’m telling you, it’s weird up here.

But that’s not really what this is all about.

Exactly a week ago from now, I was in Edmonton, on my way to watch A Comedy of Errors in a park. Yup, I was on vacation. Still am. It was a good vacation. Now it’s time for a rundown. No, it won’t be all-inclusive, but it will be fairly exhaustive.

Day one:
Left ML for Edmonton, and by extension, Devon. Went to West Edmonton Mall for a new lens and a tripod for my camera. The new lens came in handy during my trip to Jasper (later in the weekend). I have to say, W.E.M. is needlessly huge. After W.E.M., I headed off to Devon to crash with Brandy. I like her house. Well, her parents’ house. After sitting around there for a bit, we headed back into Edmonton to watch A Comedy of Errors. Which was very good. That’s about all that happened on Thursday.

Day two:
We went to the bank and I walked around Devon for a bit. I then went back to W.E.M. to get out of Brandy’s hair and because I had some more shopping to do without a tripod and a lens and my camera bag weighing me down. This trip was mostly successful. I did not find the Toronto Blue Jays jersey I wanted, but I did get other things I sought. Then I returned to Devon in time to leave again for the Taste of Edmonton. Having never done the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto, this was an interesting experience. And Brandy has some nice friends, as I met one of them this evening. We were going to go to Capital Ex Klondike Days, but that didn’t happen when K.T. wasn’t going. Not sure I’m disappointed, because I was planning to ride the LRT while Brandy and K.T. would have been watching Paul Brandt. And that’s about it for Friday.

Day three:
Now the fun begins. And now we’re doing the real reason I went to Alberta. We’re going to Jasper to get married. Ok, I’m going to Jasper because I was invited to help scope out wedding sites. She’s getting married; I’m just coming along for the ride, so to speak. Still not 100 per cent sure why I was invited, but I’m not going to say no to go to somewhere as cool as Jasper. The day started later than expected, and the drive was long to get to Jasper, but it was all good. When we got to the park, we saw goats and elk/caribou, as well as the MOUNTAINS. Can’t forget them. Amazing photos I took of all these sights. I have to say, our country rocks. Once we were done looking around the park, we went back to town to eat and go on a tour of the town. Very informative. If you have my Facebook, look at my photos. And that’s about it for Saturday.

Day four:
Still in Jasper, but I’m starting to feel down because I know the holiday’s almost over and I have to go back to ML tomorrow. But can’t dwell on that right now. We get up, get dressed and check out of our hotel. We eat breakfast and then start doing why we really came, to look at wedding sites. Granted I’m not getting married any time soon (as far as I know), I think it was a success. She managed to speak to a father of the groom, as well as the guy in charge of weddings for another place. And we went to the Jasper Park Lodge. Never an option, but fun to look at. But we were disappointed (yes, it may not be my wedding, but I’m allowed to be disappointed with how things played out) that one nice-looking place will be shut down in the winter when the wedding will be. It looked like a nice place. Alas. We grabbed lunch/dinner and headed back to Devon. It was a fairly quiet drive, which is fine. I was gradually getting sadder as it dawned on me I had to leave soon. When we got back I met some more of her friends. A good bunch of people. I like talking to people my age, it gives me a chance to shut off my brain, for the most part. When that was over, we headed back to her place and that was it for Sunday.

Day five:
The best and worst day of the trip. Start with the best. We went for a walk into the North Saskatchewan River valley. Just the two of us. It was nice to spend time with her, granted we had just come back from 36 or some-odd hours in Jasper. But this was different. Just two people, two good friends, just walking and talking. It’s essentially one of my favourite activities to do with my good friends. I had planned to leave around 2.00pm, but we didn’t even leave for our walk until after then. Which is fine. I wasn’t leaving without going for a walk with her. Now, on to the worst. The fact I had to leave. I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t stay there. Her mom even asked if I wanted to stay longer. I don’t think I responded, but I think Brandy gave her mom a look right after her mom asked. And then cue the waterworks. On me. It’s hard to leave somewhere where people care. It’s funny, I think, that I cried as much as I did. It’s not even my house or my family. But I’m leaving someone who I know cares about me, to go to a place where I’m sure they don’t. I don’t want to be here. I want to be home in Scarborough, or at least in the GTA. But I cried, and I’m not ashamed.

Well, that’s my five-day trip to Alberta. Now I don’t get to leave this province until Oct. 10 at the earliest, when I MIGHT go back to Edmonton to catch my Habs play the Oilers. But likely I’m not leaving ML and Saskatchewan until the wedding in December.