Time to relax…

Finally I have more than three days off. Finally I can leave this town to head to the bright city lights of Edmonton. OK, so I won’t be staying there for that long. And I will have to come back to this little town. But it will be good to get away from what I don’t like to go see someone I do like. Which will be a change for the good for once.

So I’ve received two performance reviews here, one per four issues. I’m improving, which is good. But it appears they’re less than impressed with my work given I’m a J-School grad. But I’m not much of a hard news person. And I think that’s where I’m weakest, they say. That and I appear to lack passion.

Um, yeah. I do lack passion. Or more accurately, I lack visible passion. It comes with who I am. Unless I’m annoyed or angry at something, I don’t quite show that much emotion.

Then again, I don’t quite have THAT much passion for journalism. My ultimate life goal is a mix of being a Toronto city councillor or a talk radio host. Yes, I will need journalistic skills and experience to pull off the latter, but I will also need those skills and experiences in radio.

But enough about talking about my performance reviews. If you want to know about them, comment and I’ll email you about them.

On to brass tacks.

It’s vacation time. A time to relax and turn my brain off. Sadly that’s not completely true, but it will be until July 29, when I should start getting ready for work recommencing.

So what is the plan for vacation? The first few days will be devoted to cleaning up the apartment and washing the car and a few other housekeeping items. I’ve already done a good chunk of laundry, so that’s done. Tomorrow I plan to wash my floor, vacuum my floors, and clean the kitchen and bathroom. In other words, I plan to clean the apartment. Tuesday is shaping up to be the day I wash the car and buy gas in preparation for …

Edmonton! And Brandy. But more importantly, ROAD TRIP! Alone, but it’s still a road trip. Shopping and Jasper are the two major components of the trip. I need to get a new lens for my camera, and I want a tripod. So a Blacks I must hit. And, actually, beyond those items, there is nothing else I can think of that I must buy. Any other shopping would purely be impulse buying. Which is a bad thing for me to do.

And of course, seeing Brandy is important. It’s always good and important to see your friends, especially when most of them are hundreds of kilometres and two time zones away. And if you know how much I appreciate my friends, you understand how much it means to me to see Brandy. A bit of sanity and grounding for me when I’m not a fan of my situation. I would call my friends more often, but I don’t have a long distance plan and I haven’t looked at LD phone cards yet. I should do that soon.

I have this desire to head down to Banff and into BC to the Big Hill in Kicking Horse Pass on this trip to Alberta. I highly doubt I will do that. ultimately, it’s a waste of gas, despite the major historical significance of that location. The Big Hill is the site of the steepest stretch of the original CPR. In fact, if I had enough time I would head out to Craigellachie, BC, to see the site of the Last Spike. Ain’t gonna happen.

So yeah. That’s all I have for now. I promise in the future I will write up something that actually comments on something. Take advantage of this new website I use to have separate pages for different purposes.