I should not have done that…

So just a few minutes ago, I thought I would take a look at the Merlin Gear website. Big mistake. For two reasons.

First, some history. Merlin Gear makes dragonboat equipment, mainly paddles. And I bought my paddle from Merlin Gear. I love dragonboat, and I miss it alot. However, my season would be just about over by now, so I would be undergoing dboat withdrawal at this point regardless. But since I haven’t paddled in over a year, it’s even more pronounced with what I just found.

Now, on to the two reasons why scoping out the Merlin Gear website was a mistake.

One: it makes me miss paddling more when I see high quality, low weight paddles.

Two: I want this: http://www.merlingear.com/paddles_ghost.htm. Or the Canadian version of the top one on this page: http://www.merlingear.com/news.htm.

Damn I miss paddling.