Well that didn’t work

I tried calling today. No one answered.

So I went out there. Unless school got out long before I got there (unlikely, I got there at about 3.20), I think the school year is over.

Damn. I should have gone for it when I was there on Thursday.

It looks like I’m going to have to bump into her in real life to have a shot. I now have so much less control over how this turns out. Not like I had much control in the first place, but now I don’t even know where to find her.

Unless school doesn’t happen on Mondays. I’ll talk to my work about the school day and school year in this part of the world.

Scratch that failure. Here’s apparently what happened:

Apparently today is the day off to account for yesterday being Aboriginal Day. So that’s why the school and the band office were not picking up their phones, and no one was at the school when I went there.

So, the new plan is to call tomorrow and then go tomorrow and do today all over again, except this time I will talk to her.

Again, and as per always, wish me luck.

*fingers crossed*